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The Dangers of Antivirus 7 and How to Avoid It

An antivirus program that claims to protect you has been making the rounds online recently. This program is named the Antivirus 7 or Antivirus7. This program is made to look like it’s from Microsoft but it’s not. This program can be hard to tell apart from a genuine program because of its single word name “Antivirus”. This demonstrates the need for strong protection software. You can find a good free antivirus so there really is no reason for any of us to be without one.

While this virus makes itself look like a Windows XP or Windows 7 program, it has nothing to do with Microsoft and it will only put you at risk. Instead of keeping your computer safe, it will remove files from your system and make your computer unstable. It can also disable your firewall and open you up for attacks from hackers.

This virus is similar to other programs such as antivir which is promoted via a web site that is made to look like a real legitimate protection program. These web sites will claim to be doing a security scan. When the scan’s finished it will say that your computer is infected and it needs to download Antivirus 7 to clean up the infection. Don’t believe this. Instead, simply download an antivirus software from a reputable source and only trust a scan from that program.

If you install this virus it will give you a warning message on your computer. These warnings say things like someone is trying to steal your identity or hack your system. It will tell you that you have to update your system. These alerts are made to trick you into thinking that they really come from Windows. The real reason this virus gives you these alerts is to make you think that you need to buy their full version of the software to be safe. The truth is that if you run the update that it asks for it will only make it worse. You don’t need to pay for protection. You can get an antivirus software for free that will protect you not only from this virus but from others too.

It can be pretty hard to get this spyware program off of your computer unless you are an expert. The best and easiest ways to get rid of the virus is to use an automatic spyware remover in addition to a good free antivirus. If you want to remove this virus manually then keep in mind that it involves deleting registry keys and this can be very dangerous. Unless you are an expert, it’s highly recommended to do this the automatic way.

It is important to familiarize yourself with all the real brands of free antivirus software so that you know the real ones from the fake virus/spyware scanners. If you know how to recognize the fake ones then you will not likely have any problems with this kind of virus program. Most of the fake ones start out as a pop-up offering to scan your computer for free. If you click “Okay” and run the scan it will then show you a list of the viruses that it found on your system. It will then tell you to download the program to be able to get rid of these viruses. Never do this! If you do, you’ll not only be giving this company the credit information that you used to buy the program, but you will also be giving them access to all your private data.

It’s critical that you remove this virus immediately if you are infected with it. It is also critical that you get a use a good, legitimate free antivirus and that you know the difference in between the genuine products and the fake ones.

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