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Spyware Stats To Pay Attention To


In early 2005 Webroot Software released its State of Spyware Report which was conducted by Webroot and Earthlink. In the survey over 4.6 million computer systems were scanned during 2004 and the results have shown how threatening spyware has become.

It was suggested that more than 90 percent of all computers with internet connections are infected with spyware. During the first quarter of 2005 approximately 88 percent of systems scanned with Webroot’s SpyAudit software had some sort of unwanted application detected.

On corporate computers over 55 percent of PCs had unwanted programs, excluding cookies because they are thought not to be as intrusive or detrimental. The corporate computers averaged 7.2 non-cookie spyware infections per computer.

In 2004 the last quarter yielded 19 percent of consumer and business computers with keyloggers and in the first quarter of 2005 that number had dropped to 7 percent, according to systems scanned with Webroot’s software. In both the last quarter of 2004 and first quarter of 2005 19 percent of consumer PCs and 7 percent of business PCs had Trojans.

Another daunting piece of information gather through online research by Phileas is that 4,294 sites were found to have some type of spyware. This information has proven that in a short amount of time spyware has skyrocketed into the top internet threat. As the internet become a rapidly growing medium used by millions online threats such as spyware can thrive and spread a quick rate, infecting and damaging nearly all user unless protective measures are taken.


Source by Mitch Johnson

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