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Spyware and Adware – Understand the Facts

Technology is a tool and all tools by definition are to some degree neutral. A knife in the hand of a surgeon is a life saving tool. The same knife in the hands of a criminal is meant to intimidate you and could be used to harm you. The use of technology for good and bad is a matter of human choice. All would agree that computers and the internet have benefited mankind. Unfortunately within these blessings can sometimes lie serious curses. It is within this context that we discuss the topic of spyware and adware.

Now, what are spyware and adware? Spyware is a pernicious pest that can penetrate your computer and gather personal information without your knowledge or consent. Spyware can be understood as a form of espionage. All spyware operations are done stealthily. The presence of spyware can slow down your computer and in serious cases can damage its files. Many people are unaware of threats posed from spyware.

Adware, also called advertising supported software, shows ad clips, banners and in some cases can even downloads information to the user’s computer while he or she is online. Depending on the browsing habits of the user, appropriate ads are displayed within the browser. Sometimes a visit to a site entitles the adware developer to a payment, while at other times the mere installation of the software is sufficient. Whatever the case, the ads are often viewed as an annoyance. Spyware and adware removal becomes a matter of urgency in such situations.

The ethics of adware are not easily determined as their implementation and disclosure are so varied. Use of ads on the internet is a legally permitted and commercially necessary activity. However, as a computer is the personal property of the owner, it is understandable that many people want to ward off unsolicited advertising. The use of ads on websites is similar to that of a newspaper, where the content that you read is subsidized by their inclusion. It can be an aggravating experience, though, when an ad pops up and prods you to visit a site via a compelling visual and an innocent ad slogan, only to discover once you reach the site that the content is objectionable and you have fallen for a trap.

The creativity of online profit seekers online today is equally matched by the problem solving skills of great software developers. The combat is constant and untiring. We are fortunate to live in a time when there are wonderful spyware and adware removal tools. The problem today is that many users do not have the perception of the threats of this type of malware. If you accept the reality of the very real danger, it is easy to find an appropriate solution. Spyware and adware removal solutions that you can count on are only a click away.

Source by J. David Rogers

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