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Internet Defender 2011 Removal – Easy Steps to Delete This Spyware Now


Internet Defender 2011 may sound like legit security software at first but it actually does more harm than defending. This rogue anti-spyware program is a re-packaged version of the spyware called Security Defender, which spread like wildfire early this month. It is promoted through misleading websites and will do a fake scan when initialized. After the scan, it will display several alarming infections and will scare you into buying the software to remove the supposed infections.

You will know that your system has been infiltrated by Internet Defender 2011 when security alerts start popping up on your screen. In an effort to make you believe that your computer is under attack, these fake alerts may be displayed pretty blatantly, leaving you in a panic. Here are some example system alerts you might encounter:

External software tries to control variety of your system files. This may lead to breaking of some data in your system. Click here to protect remote access to your PC & delete these programs.

Spyware.IEMonster process is found. The virus is going to send your passwords from Internet browser (Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Outlook & others) to the third-parties. Click here for further protection of your data with Internet Defender.

As you can see, these alerts can be quite frightening. Some essential Windows components, like Internet browsers can also be disabled, to further leave you in frenzy. These are but normal scareware tactics to push you to purchase the rogue program. Don’t ever fall for the Internet Defender 2011 scam because this worthless software will not just waste your hard-earned money, it can also compromise your personal security.

You can use automated spyware removal software to help you in the removal process. Perform a full scan and it should detect the spyware infections, along with infected files associated with it. Remove all infections shown in the results. Just note that you may need to boot into Windows Safe Mode with Networking to install the removal software. If you are an industry professional and comfortable navigating through the registry keys, then manual removal is an option that you can do. Locate and delete this entry: HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun ”

. Take note that there can also be some associated.dll and.lnk files that have to be deleted.

Don’t let viruses and spyware threats prevent you from surfing the Internet. Delete Internet Defender 2011 right now and regain your computer’s health back! Once your computer is infected with this spyware it is crucial to remove it as soon as possible.


Source by Peter Herme

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