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download mobile tracker free

The best free download mobile tracker free app Free mobile tracking apps are software that allows users to find their smartphones, family and friends. This software can track smartphones along with optimizing battery usage and location accuracy. Here is a list of paid and free mobile phone tracking software.

download mobile tracker free
download mobile tracker free

1) mobile tracker free

The “Free Mobile Phone” app allows users to remotely check messages, GPS location, and children’s activity on the device without any inconvenience.

mobile tracker free app

Highlights: mobiletrackerfree
Supports background mode on devices.
Offers data protection by encrypting them.
Target phone updates are provided every 5 minutes.
Provides multilingual user support.
Users can read messages on the target device.

2) Clawgard mobile tracker free online

Clevguard allows users to track files over the phone, setting up geography and alerts for unrecognized child activity and remotely tracking child activity without any inconvenience.


Users can track Wi-Fi and GPS location of target devices.
Offers a remote screenshot.
Supports real-time data synchronization.
Provides recording of phone calls.
User-friendly interface that offers users multiple languages.
24 * 7 customer support is available via chats and email.
Currently available on Windows, iOS and Android platforms.

3) uMobix

uMobix is ​​phone tracking

tool for tracking phone calls, SMS service, GPS location, Internet history, social networks and many other applications that provide real-time synchronization and recording screenshots of the target phone.


Provides a real-time control panel.
Tracks a call on the target phone.
Follow the messages.
Offers users advanced GPS trackers.
Users can track the browsing history of the target device.
Provides access to the photo gallery of the target device. Currently available on iOS and Android.

4) FlexiSPY

FlexiSPY is one of the most powerful applications in the world, used to monitor computers, tablets, smartphones and view smartphones on Android and iPhone.


Provides control for parent software.
Users can track employee activity online.
Installation of the application can be done remotely without inconvenience.
Tracking can be done when a user logs in / out.
Users can uninstall or deactivate applications that run in stealth mode on the system.
Offers secure keyboard shortcuts for accessing files on your device.
Users can receive dashboard notifications and send remote commands from the Internet.
Currently available on Android, iPhone, iPad, computer platforms.
5) Spy

The Spyera app allows you to track smartphones, tablets from remote devices such as Android Phone, Android Tablet, iPhone and iPad.


Parents can monitor children’s activity.
The company can track employees to protect their business.
The application offers a user-friendly interface and easy installation. Currently available for monitoring in Windows, PC and Mac OS.
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6) iKeyMonitor

iKeyMonitor is used to track smartphones using parental controls, which allows the program to record calls, SMS, keystrokes, links to sites and screenshots.


The user can monitor sent and received messages on target smartphones.
Invites users to take screenshots of various activities on a mobile phone.
Specific apps and games on Android and iOS devices can be blocked by user assignment.
Back up the contacts available on the target devices.
Currently available on Windows, Mac and Android platforms.
7) Hidden Cell Phone Tracker

Hidden Cell Phone Tracker software helps the user to track messages, calls and GPS services in stealth mode and not visible to users using target Android devices.


The app is not visible on the target mobile phone.
This app can be installed from a secret account on the target device.
Users can view information sent and received from the device.
This software stores information about all actions on

Android device user website.

8) GPS tracker for your phone

GPS Phone Tracker is software that helps you track and find other people using your iPhone.


Parents can track the child’s location and the location of friends.
Tracking of employees during working hours and family members is instantaneous.
Users can know the location of people in the last 24 hours. Offers a location with an accuracy of about 30 feet.
Users can select a time frame to see another person’s movements at a specific time.
9) Find my device
Link: https://www.google.com/android/find

Find My Device is a phone tracking program offered by Google to track the location of a mobile phone when an Android phone, tablet and Wear OS watch are missing or lost by the user.


Personal data is stored on the user’s device in accordance with the laws and policies of the GDPR used to track the device.
The app can be installed by users on other devices to track them.
Users can connect devices on a private network and find them at any time.
The above programs and software can be used by users to track mobile phones and monitor their child’s activity.

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