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A new app called chatwatch WhatsApp allows WhatsApp users to track friends chat activity – that’s how it works

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A new iOS app called Chatwatch uses information from WhatsApp to track friends ’activity and evaluate things like when they go to bed or who they’re most likely talking to.
Users of WhatsApp, an end-to-end encrypted messaging platform, can already see when their contacts are available to talk and when they read the texts they read – Chatwatch simply uses this data to create predictable activity patterns.
It’s a paid app (prices for it weekly and monthly vary) and it has some limitations on when and how you can access information, but it’s
When relying on WhatsApp to inform friends and family, it is important to know that the service lets your contacts know about when you are ready to chat and about whether you have read their texts.

chatwatch whatsapp
chatwatch whatsapp

That’s not all: Lifehacker has noticed Chatwatch, a new app for iOS that uses the WhatsApp public online / offline status feature to let users know how often their friends check the app, and evaluate when they go to bed every day; it can even correlate the data of two contacts that you choose to guess whether they talked to each other.

Yes, you do not need to give anyone such ammunition. I prefer to maintain weak information about messaging services so I can communicate and respond on my own terms, so it’s very disturbing to know that my contacts may be tracking me that way.

The company says there’s not much you can do about it: even if you’ve disabled the “Last seen” feature in your account settings, it will still be able to find out your activity on WhatsApp. We are currently testing it and have yet to see results, as Chatwatch usually requires 24 hours before receiving certain information.

But the first feature – revealing how often your friends check WhatsApp – seems plausible, because, as we learned from a quick trial with multiple phones, you can find out if a WhatsApp user is online or not just by talking to them (to make it worked, no need to exchange messages). So perhaps the Chatwatch system automates this process of checking users and collecting data to get ideas.

Naturally, it would be great to see WhatsApp disable this functionality so we can maintain at least the similarity of privacy in our lives. Now you’ll have to hope and pray that your contacts are too stingy to pay with a minimum subscription fee of $ 2 (to spy on any two numbers for a week) to keep an eye on you.

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chat watch online: Tracker App This app uses WhatsApp data so users can spy on their friends WhatsApp, who swears by its full chat encryption, may not be as secure as it claims. A new app called “Chatwatch” allows users to horribly spy on their friends on WhatsApp. This app can tell people how often their friends use WhatsApp, as well as evaluate when they go to bed every day, Lifehacker reports.

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